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Honey hair mask

Hair mask Rich in minerals, it promotes a lustrous, radiantly beautiful appearance. Gives hair more ..


Mineral hair mask

Mineral hair mask An outstanding treatment mask that restores essential elements lost by chemical tr..


Obliphica hair mask

Hair mask designed to soften hair and maintain moisture. Enriched with obliphica oil to enhance the ..


Грязевая маска для волос и кожи головы

Делает Ваши волосы здоровыми и блестящими, питает кожу головы. Используется натуральная грязь Мёртво..


Shea butter hair mask

A mask designed to soften hair and maintain moisture. .Enriched with shea butter to soften and ..


Anti dandruff treatment shampoo

A highly effective treatment shampoo for thorough cleansing of the hair and scalp. Enriched with oli..


Hair conditioner

Hair conditioner for normal to dry hair and for hair that has been colored. Restores the hair natura..


Mineral hair shampoo

Mineral hair shampoo Ideal for normal to dry hair. Contains filters to protect hair from the ha..


Mud hair shampoo with obliphicha

Mud hair shampoo based on minerals and mud from the Dead Sea combined with obliphica oil and chamomi..


Moisturizing hair cream for dry to normal hair opliphicha and shea butter

A unique moisturizing hair cream, containing shea butter, obliphica oil, Dead Sea minerals, vitamins..


Moisturizing hair cream with delicate milk and Honey scent

Moisturizing cream for curly hair.Contains vitamins, silicon oil and nourishing ingredients for adde..


Aqua mineral wax

Aqua mineral wax formulated from pure water and Dead Sea minerals. Extra firm hold. Enriched wi..