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After shave moisturizing New

After shave moisturizing

After shave moisturizing alcohol-free preparation that sanitizes the skin and keeps it free of infec..


Anti-aging body butter with Coconut and Vanilla

Anti-Aging Body Butter with Coconut and Vanilla. A preparation with a unique texture. Enriched with ..


Anti-Aging Body Butter with Lavender, Vanilla and Patchouli

Anti-Aging Body Butter with Lavender, Vanilla and Patchouli. An exclusive cream with a rich, pamperi..


Anti-aging body butter with Rose and Rose Hip

Anti-Aging Body Butter with Rose and Rose Hip.Queen of flowers and a classic symbol of love and beau..


Anti-Aging Passion Fruit and Papaya Body Butter

Anti-Aging Passion Fruit and Papaya Body Butter. An exclusive product containing a complex of Vitami..


Honey hair mask

Hair mask Rich in minerals, it promotes a lustrous, radiantly beautiful appearance. Gives hair more ..


Mineral hair mask

Mineral hair mask An outstanding treatment mask that restores essential elements lost by chemical tr..


Obliphica hair mask

Hair mask designed to soften hair and maintain moisture. Enriched with obliphica oil to enhance the ..


Shaving cream New

Shaving cream

Shaving cream enriched with moisture, Dead Sea minerals and glycerin. Ensures a smooth and soft..


Shaving foam New

Shaving foam

Shaving foam this richly textured preparation has been specially developed to make shaving smooth a..


Грязевая маска для волос и кожи головы

Делает Ваши волосы здоровыми и блестящими, питает кожу головы. Используется натуральная грязь Мёртво..


Aloe vera gel

Dead Sea Boutique Gel with highly concentrated aloe vera essence. Effective in easing skin..